Hello There,

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Jamie and I am on the wrong end of my twenties. By day I am a live communications professional and by night, I am either designing graphics, reading, writing, or glued to the internet looking for inspiration and learning new things. This blog is basically an output so I can empty my head and augment my very short attention span,  posting those ideas, random thoughts and creative insights; hopefully maybe some of you will find this as a nice resource for creativity and inspiration, or perhaps even make you smile or laugh.

Everything that inspires me will be placed on this blog;

Here are a few words that make me, ‘me’.

Middle East, Dubai, Graphic Design, History, History of Religion, Computer Arts, Open Mind, Ideas, Xbox, Art, Books, Enthusiastic, Rugby, Kick Boxing, Golf, Adventure, Social Media, Buns and Cakes, Friendly, Abstract, Music, Glitch Mob, Daft Punk, Movies, Closet Geek, Street Art, Events, Ceresmodo, Tanooki Modo, Introverted, Writing,

Ceresmodo 🙂


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