Eye Candy: Designers from the Middle East and Africa

Here are a few artists from the Middle East and Africa that are producing some really amazing works. Middle Eastern design, I find is strongly influenced by its Calligraphy, with it’s whisps and curls blending in with the subject matter. Arabic calligraphy is visually beautiful and really is a work of art on it’s own,  In my opinion it could only be rivaled by Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy. The importance of calligraphy can not be understated at all, in our western world we don’t really revere or hold much countenance to it, yet in earlier days if a scroll or paper written by philosophers, early mathematicians and alchemists was not written to the highest standard of Calligraphy the paper would have been instantly scrapped. The world’s secrets could have been unlocked in that document, yet if the skill to present that was not up to scratch, then for lack of a better analogy it would have been only useful as toilet paper.

The world is dominated by Western Graphic design and I feel that the Middle East is starting to make its mark in the global platform. There is something about Middle Eastern Design that is relatable on a more intuitive, innate level,  when I look at a piece of beautiful design, I can admire and wonder at its beauty, but when I see something beautifully designed from the Middle East, I ‘feel’ it on a deeper level, even though I can’t read it or fathom it, the representation of the images/words just speaks to me on another level. Its quite hard to explain, but basically I have an especial favouritism towards design and works of art from this region.

Anyways enough of my waffle, here are a few portfolios from a selection of very talented designers. I have researched these guys online, as always I would love to hear your suggestions and if you know of any artists from the Middle East and Africa that I haven’t mentioned I would really love to hear about them.  As a slight Homage to my Middle Eastern friends I will also re-post this blog in Arabic, it’ll be a crude google translate, so apologies it comes out as complete jibberish, but I hope it works.

Gallery of All Artists

Individual Artists and their works

Reza Abedini

Imran Ashraf

Khalid Shahin

Tarek Atrissi

Islam Zayed

Younes Badi

Younes Ze




3 thoughts on “Eye Candy: Designers from the Middle East and Africa

  1. I really love these, especially the work of Khaled Shahin – such beautiful colours. left a comment on your Arabic version suggesting you check out http://www.everitte.org if you’re interested in Arabic calligraphy. He is an American artist who works with Arabic calligraphy and has some interesting pieces linking American and Middle Eastern culture.

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