Graphic Design: Totally Tubular Typography

If there is one part of Graphic Design that I love, it really has to be Typography, it is a real art form and its variation, malleability and formation is essentially limitless. Here is a gallery of 50 or so typographic wonders, some old, some new, some accidental, on purpose and some in Arabic. After spending some time in the middle east, I really developed a love for Arabic Calligraphy, it is truly beautiful and the artists that wield their magical brush strokes are truly masters.

Have a look and enjoy and as always I would love to hear your feedback and also if you have any links to some great art, it would be amazing if you could let me know.

Resource List

Much Love



3 thoughts on “Graphic Design: Totally Tubular Typography

    • Hi Typesketchbook,

      Thanks for your kind comment. I’m not sure they are the most iconic, there are millions of examples out there and this is just a selection, of my favourites, I’m literally in love with them all, really hard to pick a favourite and some of them are so effective in their own medium. I love the ones integrated with florals with lots of curves and whisps. I also love the bold simplicity of just the font making it’s own statement as a work of art. I also have a particular penchant for Arabic calligraphy, and there are some truly amazing works out there.

      Out of this selection I really love, 2015, The decemberists (really love their song like a lion ) don’t bunt, the mandala-esque one, and love typography.

      It would be great to hear some of your suggestions.

      Many Thanks


  1. Thanks for the list!!
    There was (or it might still be on) an interesting exhibition on typography at the Grolier Club in New York City, with an amazing collection from the Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris. (might want to read my post on that)

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