Nuggets of Nostalgia from a child of the 80’s and 90’s

Here are a few things from my childhood that gives me a great feeling everytime I remember them. Sometimes I wish I could go back and relive it all again, because  growing up as a kid in the 80’s and 90’s was just brilliant and possibly the last age of innocence. Nowadays I feel a lot of kids have grown up too fast and are far to wise to things that they shouldn’t really know. You have all the time in the world to be serious and an adult so why not let the kids be kids for as long as they can? Here a few things I remember fondly from my childhood, I’m not going to include the usual list like the Goonies and Thundercats etc I think everyone remembers them, and why not they were awesome.

Garbage Pale Kids

Looking back on it, this was just weird and a freaky production my brother and I watched this oodles of times and we thought it was amazing. My favourite was Valerie Vomit for obvious reasons.

Tree Houses

Not much to say here apart from the fact I always wanted one. What little boy didn’t want their own house in a tree, where they could keep everything and pretend it was a secret base. If I had a tree house I probably would have boobie trapped it also, with waterbombs and spring loaded darts.

Lego BMX Helmet and mirrors

My dad was a motor nut, unfortunately this never rubbed off on me, but the greatest thing he did for me as a child was kit out my BMX. I had a yellow and black BMX, my dad modified it, added a kickstand and two long winged chopper Wing mirrors to it, He also gave me a helmet with my name on it. Today if I wore it I would like a bit simple but back in the day I thought I was a real stunt rider, and my wing mirrors were just bitchin.

Brave Star Costume 

A western set in space with a magically endowed cowboy and an awesome horse battling mechanical skeletons and horses? What’s not to love about that. Once again my brother and I were obsessed with this. My mum got my brother and I bravestarr costumes and pyjamas for Christmas. We wore them religiously every night and every Saturday morning when watching the cartoon.  STRENGTH OF THE BEAR BEAR Bear Bear…….

Cardboard Box

I don’t know what the appeal was about an empty cardboard box, possibly because I could fit into it or it could be used as a base, hiding place….


RC Cars

Who didn’t want a remote control car when they were a kid. There were so many different kinds out there, one with 6 wheels, caterpillar tracks self adjusting ones and even ones that could scale walls. Everyone wanted one and one Christmas we got our wish, the only thing was  our dad got us two remote control cars that were tuned to the balls , they were so fast that we kept smashing them into the curbs. They didn’t last long but we had a blast raking the life out of them.


Only the best game ever, I learnt of this franchise pretty late on and bought it for the N64. It took ages to complete but what a game, so vivid, intricate and beautiful and it had a great set of boss battles.

Metal Gear One and Two 

Another great game, the reason I think of this fondly is because my 2 brothers and I spent the whole summer trying to clock it. My little brother Kingsley was only about 9 or so, and Kristian and I basically played it while he watched. He did one little bit on the game and to this day he says… ‘If I hadn’t have done that level you wouldn’t have completed the game’ eejit.

The Raccoons 


Asterix and Obelisk

Muck mountains

These were the mounds of earth left when builders moved earth for new sites. We spent days playing on them, claiming ownership and pretending they were our castles.

Ernest Scared Stupid

My Brother and I loved Ernest and our favourite one was Ernest Scared Stupid, we only had 50p and rented it from the video store for 50p on the proviso we brought it back in 3 hours.


Biker Mice from mars

Falcor the luck dragon 

Who didn’t love Falcor the Luck dragon, from the Neverending Story??


OK this isn’t exactly from the 80’s or 90’s but I have to include it. In uni I started playing this game 24/7 with my housemates, we became experts in this completing it multiple times on legendary mode. I was never a great gamer when it came to deathmatches, but I had my greatest gaming moment ever playing Halo. I will fore warn you here with a Nerd Alert. One day I was playing halo in multiplayer with my friend who was a hard core gamer, he always killed me a million times before I could even get him once. We were about 300 yards from each other standing on a ledge, for some reason both of us fell off our ledges at the same time and were basically dead, with an uber quick reaction, I aimed with my sniper rifle zoomed in and shot him in the head while both of us fell, he was dead before he hit the ground, I had to stop the game and take stock of what I just achieved. My mate didn’t speak to me for a day.

Coat capes

We all did this as kids, where we pretended to be super heroes and use our coats as capes, by wearing only the hood and running around pretending to fly.

code creation

I was and still am amazed by codes and their creation. I used to create codes for so many things; writing in candle wax and painting over it was my first attempt. I tortured my dad to get me a briefcase so I could keep all my important documents safe, and by important I mean, my tintin books, secret letters to santa and james bond. On the first day I got it, I forgot the combination and spent weeks trying to re-find the lost combination.

Dungeons and dragons

Manta force

Denver the Dinosaur

Snap Bracelets

Pretending my swing was a time machine

For some reason and I don’t know why, but I thought that my swing was capable of time travel. If I swung it hard enough and managed to swing over the bar and come down the other side, I would break the speed of light and smash a thousand laws of nature and travel through time. I spent all summer trying to swing over the bar, I could never do it and changed my focus to launching myself off the swing into the spruce trees. Good times.

Doppleganger story

My granny told me that somewhere in the world there was an exact double of me somewhere. This rocked my world and I couldn’t fathom it. I imagined another Jamie somewhere doing exactly the same thing as me at the same time, and when I thought of my doppleganger, I thought he would also be thinking of me at the same time or if I moved to the left would he move to the right? It was a head melt.

Thinking Labyrinth was alive

I thought I had an enchanted version of the labyrinth. For ages I thought it was a magical video tape, but instead my dad had the ‘making of’ and the feature film of the Labyrinth. I thought the tape was alive and thought it progressively grew from the making of to the film. Stupid now, but back then I was convinced.

Telling my sister she was a genius

Typical sibling banter, I convinced my sister that the word genius was a bad word, so every time she annoyed me I called her a genius, ‘Oh you’re such a genius (tut)’ she would cry her eyes out and tell my parents. They could never shout at me because it wasn’t a bad word. The perfect crime


Who didn’t love ninjas? They were so popular during my childhood

BonJovi New Jersey

The first album I ever got, I played it to death.

Playing til the sun went down

Something that wouldn’t happen in these days, maybe it’s just a sign of the times. Before mobile phones and computers the only baring we had to return home was when it got dark. A more innocent time I guess, but we roamed free and were never in the house. In summer the sun didn’t go down til 10pm and we thought that was brilliant, more time to play.

How 2


Dick Tracy Watch

I was obsessed with this detective story and watched it tons of times. I always wanted his walkie talkie watch, but I got a different one instead and wore it religiously, until one day my brother thought it was an epic idea to place it over my lamp, I woke up to smell burning rubber and my watch fused to the lightbulb. I punctered his tyres for revenge.



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