Books: Love Thy Book: 50 ‘Bitchin’ Bookcases

In an age of digital obsession, the humble book is indeed fighting a battle of survival. Much in the same way  our grand parents told us they remember the day when houses were lit by candle-light, I feel we will be saying this to our grand children…

‘I remember the day we had books that were made of paper, that were heavy and laden with ink and smudges, dog-eared and tattered, and when we had to turn the page we did so with our fingers’

No doubt my grand children will give me the same bemused look as I gave my grandparents when they told me the candle light story. I love books and I love reading, the idea of being transported to another world, or learning something you didn’t know before turning that page is such an evocative thought and one that I will hope to instill in my children. Much to my chagrin, my attention span is so short these days that, I have barely read a full book in the last year, 6 books lie in my bookcase half read, and every-time I pass them, they call at me to be read, yet I look at them guilty, knowing that I don’t have the time these days to spend just a few hours getting lost in the pages. That is my own doing, and I’ve planned to recapture some time so I can read these books.

Kindles are wonderful inventions, with the ability to hold a thousand books it really does seem like a no brainer to switch over to it…. Right? I was in a local electronic store pondering and toying with the notion of getting one, but after thinking about it I decided not to. Kindles will never have the comforting nostalgic qualities that a book has, the smell. the sentiment and the emotional attachment. I’m never going to pass my Kindle down the family line, but I will do with my books.I’ve collected over 400 books in my short life span and I hope some day I’ll have a huge library to store them in. Each read book is almost a chronological marker in my life, I’ll remember where and when I was at the time of reading it, buying it and finishing it. My Grand Mother Mary Stinson, gave me her poetry books, she told me where she read them and gave me a story behind the story. Each time I hold the book or read Wordsworth’s The Daffodils I will think of her, her wisdom and reflect with a warm heart, I some how feel a Kindle will never be able to do that for me.

I think I may be straying from the point here, apologies for the little rant. This article is about bookcases, and here are 50 amazing bookcases, both big and small, and it’s comforting and amazing to see that in this day and age people still love their books so much to give them a real prominent place in their home. These book cases really put my Ikea bookcase to shame.

I hope you enjoy and are inspired by this collection of amazing bookcases:

50 Bitchin’ Bookcases




24 thoughts on “Books: Love Thy Book: 50 ‘Bitchin’ Bookcases

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    • Hi Amy,

      Thank you for your lovely feedback. Ditto, I would make my house a shrine to books, but I think I’ll only be allowed to just concentrate on one room haha.

      Many Thanks


  2. I TOTALLY agree with you. There is nothing like the feel of holding a book. I really don’t think I would enjoy reading a book on a kindle as much as reading a real book. And I really need one of those bookcases to hold all of the books that I love!

    Great article!

    • Hi Pat.

      I also agree, there’s just something about them, that a kindle will never have. Thanks for the feedback, I’ve been totally blown away by the response to this one. It’s nice to see that so many people still have a passion for books.

      Jamie 🙂

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  4. I have at least 1000 paper books. I love these bookcases, I don’t have anything artistic. I have bookcases in the entryway, I have bookcases in the living room, I have bookcases in the bedroom. I also have a Kindle. The e-reader and the paper book aren’t enemies. I recently read Don Quixote. I don’t think I would have read it if I hadn’t had an e-reader, it’s huge, and viewing tiny font on old, yellowed paper is a chore.

    • Wow, that would have been a mission to read. I don’t think the e-reader and books are enemies, from my own perspective there is more character and sentiment with a book. I think the kindle would have been good for that one, but I still prefer books.

      J 🙂

    • Hi there.

      A valid point if you note my previous articles, everything has their source listed. The reason they aren’t on this one yet is because I wrote it quite quickly at 2am in the morning. The response has been great on this one and I plan to source list once I get some free time to do so.

      Many thanks for your feedback.


  5. it is such a warm thing to be surrounded by books,makes u feel so re -assuring! anytime to pick up a book and read, even the ones which have been read,to pick up to be re-read…and just sit over and seep in all the thoughts what the author tries to convey..such an amazing joy it is to expand ur own thought process,no amount of pleasur which any electronic gadgets can give for the simple joy to just pick a book and keep on turning the pages,yes the range does get extensive in your hand , the choice, the variety of stuff u have to read at your disposal increases for sure with such gadgest, but nothing to beat to the joy of having a book in ur hand !!
    hhhhaapppp reading!!!!

  6. This is really one of the more fascinating blogs I’ve seen. It’s so easy to assume you’ve seen it all, but there is absolutely still some nice stuff online, and I think your place is definitely on the list!

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