Graphic Design : Good Cat, Bad Dog

I’m still learning Graphic design and whilst I may have a stream of creative ideas, the actual implementation is sometimes quite frustrating, especially when you can see it in your head, but lack the know how to get it on a psd file or into the world. I struggle a bit with colour and really don’t know how to work with it quite yet although I have read much about it. I think as a beginner, starter black and white can hide a lot of sins although it still leaves your work looking a bit flat. Its also good if you’re working with low res images I find, textures can be worked with it. I find I would work with balck and white and try to add one colour, so far that is my confort zone which I need to get out of.

Here is an idea I had, I love the use of anthropomorphic images and am always thinking of human scenarios that would look cool with animals. Here is a gangster scene between a cat and dog, as you can see the game is up for the dog. I plan to do a whole story set on this theme, with redemption being the main motive behind it. As I get technically better and get more time, I will hope to share these with you.








It looks a bit macabre, but if you look closely enough you can see that the blood spatter is made up of little dog prints.



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