Graphic Design : Architect Map

A while ago, I was asked to create a new identity for an online community called the Architect Map, a clever little community and the brain child of Mark Schuey and Su Butcher in which all the architects and suppliers in the industry would place their twitter avatar on a global map. The brief was simple, ‘create a easily identifiable logo, that was also easily transferable across a range of mediums such as Apple PodCats, Websites, Print, and for their you tube channel.

I spent a bit of time trying to marry the themes of architecture and maps together, and after a bit of research I came up with the following examples.

The numbers are the longitude and latitude points of Saqqara, Egypt. This is where the pyramids of King Djoser are, which were built by Imhotep. It is said that Imhotep is the first ever documented architect and engineer in history, so the longitude and latitude marry the themes of maps and architecture together.

I also changed the spacing in the ‘A’ to resemble that of a map marker on google maps.

You can check out the architect map here. and view all the media.

I also tried to incorporate a QR code into the logo so users could scan it and go straight to the map.

May favourite versions are the stand alone ‘A’ and the A with the labels.


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