Pre Destination

I came across this topic a few years ago and to this day it still perplexes me. Now before we start I must state that my views on religon, science and the workings of this world are quite varied and open as well, the more I consider divinity the more I find myself knee deep in a theosophic maze trying to determine what is and what is not. One thing I know is that it will never be explained to me in one book, and it is something that cannot be told to you, one must experience it. I like to maintain a chesire cat philosophy on religion, ‘The uninformed must improve their deficit’ so as the days go by, I like to improve that deficit with as much knowledge as possible without casting stones or shameful hypotheses.

Predestination is a religous belief that the fate of all things has already been pre planned by god and that our paths, trial and tribulations have all been laid in front of us like a sweet and sour breadcrumb trail to our end point. A comforting and disturbing notion that we cannot shape our destiny; however this concept is flawed with regards to freewill. How can we have free will bestowed onto us about god at the shagrine of the angels and simultaneously be told that our paths are set in concrete ahead of us? we cannot have the right over our actions motives and desires and still be predestined can we?

I think scientific theories on determinism and causation are more accurate than this notion of predestination.

quoting from wikipedia

‘Determinism necessarily entails that humanity or individual humans may not change the course of the future and its events (a position known as fatalism); however, some determinists believe that the level to which humans have influence over their future is itself merely dependent on present and past.’

I find this concept more palatable than being told that someone has already decided it for me.

who knows perhaps you can let me know your theories, or guide me to something more illuminating?


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