More Skeptic than Believer

I don’t know if it is because I am older and wiser, or perhaps I am just unwilling to invest trust in something that isn’t totally explainable, but recently the balance has tilted more towards skepticism than a mulder-like ‘I want to Believe’ outlook.

A prime example would be the Most Haunted series on Living. this show started when I was about 17 and I was fascinated by it, fascinated by ‘sam’ the bumps in the night and the anticipation of seeing something caught on video that the skeptics and parapyschologists could truly hold their hands up aloft and claim ‘actually guys, you know what? we can’t explain this and the evidence is above normal circumstances’.

As much as it is a sneaky indulgence into the notion of seeing something spectacular, it is also a misnomer and merely and entertainment fad. long tales of paranormal activity, such as headless horesemen, chamber maids manifesting in hotels; a stable boy seeking revenge for an illicit affair; and all we get is audio phenomenon which is quickly debunked by the parapsychologist Ciaran O’Keeffe; sensations of being stroked in the face which is usually explained by hyper sensitivity suggestion and outright gullability to a shaking ouja board subconsciously moved by each hand on the glass, regardless if they believe it to be moving of it’s own volition.

After returning to the U.K in four years, I decided to download the tenth series, thats right the show has been going on for ten years now, and it just occurred to me, that it is the same old format as before. After ten years of conducting, solid ‘research’ and I use the term research very loosely, they havent caught a single valid segment of footage which explain the presence of such phenomena, a spectacle of entertainment is all it should be accepted for.

Derek Acorah was basically the tipping point for me, in the total loss of credibility of the show. I was seduced by the strength of his sensitivity to the realms that we cannot see, only to find out he is indeed a charlatan; a truly great actor worthy of a soap award at least. Derek is a lovable liverpudlian, with a unique personality that we immediately warm to, but Ciaran O’keeffe was instrumental in exposing him and feeding him to the wolves. before an investigation in an English Jail Ciaran leaked a fake story to the production crew about a south african ghost called Kreed Kafer, a clever acronym for ‘Derek Faker’, this was a solo mission unbeknown to the core crew. During a vidual Derek apparently becomes possessed by a malevolent spirit; the crew ask who he is, and derek utters two words which will at the lack of a better word ‘haunt’ him for the rest of his life, he utters ‘Kreed Kafer’. One nil to the skeptics, and it merely shows that these venues are indeed researched by these so called mediums.

Kudos to the skeptics, I have been swayed.


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